Wednesday Fishing Report

Here’s my Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday Morning Fishing Report;

Thanksgiving Eve Fishing report;
1) My first fish this morning I’m naming D.
I cought him in Crowley, back behind the Tech School off 1187. He took my F Fusion Bass Rig to the HEB in Burleson, and before I got him off the hook, I had hooked my next adventure.
2) I had hooked Another in Crowley, and this time it was a Speckled Rainbow 🌈 Trout, between Highschool and College
3) my third catch was a double from the neighborhood on the South side of 1187, in Crowley, headed to Terminal E at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport, and was my first wale of the Day .
The Couple was as originally from Michigan, and the gentlemen was a miner there, but is part of the group doing the renovations of the Fort Worth Zoo.
Once I dropped them off, it was too late to catch the Red-eyes, and too early for the first flights to be coming in, so I headed towards Dallas.
4) My fourth catch was a guy that I delivered to a restaurant in the Lower Greenville Av area. In our conversation, after finding out that he worked at a restaurant, I found out that they have WiFi and you can sit down Inside. You can find their Information in the service section of PopsTreasure’s Home Page.
5) Knowing that the timing was off for anything in Lower Greenville, after getting the location info of the Restaurant for our Service section I headed for I-75 (Central Expressway), and before I got there I got a bite from the Southern Methodist University (SMU) area, just West of Hillcrest. This was my second wale for the Day taking me back to DFW Airport , Terminal A, and that put me into triple digits before 9:00 am.

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