Wealth in Service

I learned Saturday that

Wealth in Service

Is wat I found in three memorable rides that I was blessed to deliver.

The first ride that made me realize that as an Uber Driver you will be asked to wear several different hats, and this ride was setup to lead me to the father figure.

It was a young lady I’m going to call Kim, from an apartment area located a few blocks South of Mockingbird and West of Greenville Ave.

Kim had parked her car in the wrong area and it got towed.


The first of two rides I gave Kim was to the bank to withdraw $200, and as we were in this trip I got most of the information of how her day was starting. This trip began in the 10:30‘ish part of Saturday morning. I didn’t ask, but I later found out that she worked at a Resturant/Bar, and I’m thinking she had closed. Kim was still in “I just got up clothes”.

I stoped in front of her bank, and after Kim had got out I realized she just had a single trip with no stops included.

With the way she was acting I didn’t feel she was ready for me to educate her on how to add a stop to her trip, so I just parked in front of the bank with the hopes that I wouldn’t get a ping before she had finished the withdraw. I have delivered others to retrieve their vehicle from the tow yards in Dallas, so she was soon going to have an adventure that I really don’t think she knew about.

When I did get a ping, it was Kim as she walked out of the Bank, and she was surprised as I backed out and unlocked my doors.

After she got in and I explained that all I did was take a parking place to wait for my next ping, and it was her.

Kim wanted to make a pit stop by her apartment to take some photos of documents before heading to the tow yard, so that gave me a chance while driving to educate her on how to add a stop in the trip, or just let me drive back to her apartment , then she could change the final destination.

Sorry, I need to get on the road.

Like I tell Cindy;

“I gotta go find my people”!

I’ll finish this story later, after the morning rush.

When Kim got back into the car. I talked her through changing the final destination and we were off.

I gave a look on the GPS just to verify where we were headed and made my way to Central Express way. And Headed South as she continued to tell me her story. I was trying to comfort her by repeating that “Everything is going top be OK. It’s going to be an expensive education, but it will all work out”.

She finally called her mom, and was carrying on what I would call the regular drilling of questions any parent would ask.

I buzzed down Central Expressway ( I-75) until it turned into I-45 or the street name I know it as “The Houston Highway” , and then turned off onto Martin Luther King Expressway.

Kim was still on the phone with her mom when there mayst have been a break in the conversation, as she said with a little excitement;

“We’re in the Getto!”.

I quickly corrected her and said; “We’re not in the Getto; We’re in

South Dallas”.

“Actually, this is the South Dallas Flea Market”.

When I offered to stop and get us some lunch, she quickly said “NO!”

We found the Tow Yard where her car sit behind the Extruded Metal fence, and as she was speaking with the attendant, she motioned me that everything was OK and I could go.

I wasn’t about to go anywhere until She was in her car and driving back North, but she told me she was fine.

Reluctantly I made my way back headed North towards Downtown Dallas, and I got a ping.

It was from a gentle man less than 2 miles away.

Ride #2 was a professional

Saxiphone player,

and I delivered him to a Tottering appointment he had at some apartments just East of

Chriswell College.

He was the one that gave me the idea to create a Service section on the Pops Treasure website.

Ride #3 was a man I picked up in the UpTown area and delivered him to a pub in the West side of the

Deep Ellum

area. Great conversation with a Financial advisor that seemed to take a great interest in the

Robert Allen

book I was reading

(“The Challenge”).

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