Sunday Fishing Report / 29-11-2020

This is a special post because on regular basis I reserve Sunday as my day of rest, but as this report is beginning on the Sunday of the Thanksgiving weekend, I went fishing to conform to the second

“30 Day Challenge”.

My first “30 Day Challenge” began last Wednesday when I started my day spending

“An Hour With Chuck”; Chuck Missler that is.

My second

“30 Day Challenge”

is to drive Ride-Share every day until Christmas Eve, take Christmas Day off, and then drive every day until my sons’ (Jeremiah’s Birthday) December 31st.

  1. 1st Bite was at the Sure Stay Plus Hotel by Best Western Benbrook, located off I-20. This one got away before I got the 17 mile trip to the location, but when I found out that they had canceled, I got another bite at Rail-ridge Circle in S. Fort Worth.
  2. This was a ”Wale” that took me from Rail-ridge Cir. To the Amazon in Grand Prairie off 161. I go him unhooked at 6:23
  3. Before I got the Wale unhooked, I got a bite that led me to Furlong Dr. In Grand Prairie, which proved to be a “MudCat” that took me to a Prep Food Warehouse in N. Grand Prairie. I would have given this one a ”One Star”, but while we were driving I got to practice my “Customer Service” and turn this around to being a satisfied customer.
  4. Veramdah Ln. (Arlington) to DFW Airport (Nurse originally from New Jersey)
  5. Terminal “D” to Allante Ct. in Euless (Industrial Motor Technician).
  6. Hotel on E. Lancaster in Fort Worth to Taco Bell off Montgomery St.
  7. Fort Worth Bus/Train Station on James to 555 Elm St., the Depot Apartments.
  8. Kippers Court in Arlington to a Pub off Division.
  9. W. Abrams with the first stop off W. Arkansas Ln. , and started getting busy and missed the final stop.
  10. White Dove Dr. Apartments To the Ninja Kitchen on E. Broad St. in Mansfield

    I made that my last catch for the day to get to my granddaughters 6th birthday party.

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