Saturday Morning Marketing

My Saturday morning Marketing

started when Cindy rented a space at a local Consignment Antique Store, and like a good husband, I am helping her get it setup.
This morning after putting up a couple cattle panels where the animals are getting out of the back part of our pasture, and then blocking off the North side of the barn with two prices of 3X12’ corrugated metal (getting prepared for the winter


️ season), I emptied out my 6’X10’ enclosed trailer from the lawn care equipment I still had loaded from last weekend.
Cindy bought a set of shelves the other night at the Auction, so I had this time planned to help.
I knew I needed diesel for My pickup, and when the low fuel light came on I headed for the nearest place to get diesel.
I ran out waiting for A guy to complete his time filling up last summer, and luckily enough I was able to get my truck running properly without too much problem.
I did make it to the Kroger but a guy was at the diesel pump putting fuel in his pickup and two red fuel


️ cans.
I shut my truck off while waiting, and when he took the nozzle out Of his pickup and started filling one of the cans, I got out and started easing my way towards him.
“Are you still mowing grass “? I ask, in a friendly manner .
He said “yeah, I have 15 acres”.
I slipped him a business card and said, “if you ever get more than you want, or need some help , I can make myself available “.
Then he Asked

“what kind of Equipment do you have?”

I think I got his attention when I said,

“A Craftsman push-mower; a self-propelled Toro push mower ; a Hustler stand-on commercial mower; a John Deere Riding lawn tractor; & a 135 Massey Ferguson tractor. I have tried to set myself up with the right size equipment for The lawn I’ll be Mowing “. In other words, I wanted him to know that I have set myself for service.

I let him know I was located just off

Chisholm Trail in Western Joshua,

& He told me he was about two miles away From  where we stood, and He’d let me Know As he Put my business card in his wallet.
I’m not sure What made me Feel like getting out to talk to this man, but I’m glad I did.
I have adjusted my Lawn Care website to let everyone know that I now have an Online Store


to help carry me through the winter.
Take a look


and let me know If I need to change anything.
Click Here


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