Saturday Fishing Report / 28-11-2020

  1. 10 miles from home , due North , 4:30 am off Sycamore School Road taking me 1.9 miles to a Nursing Home which also created the “Question of the Day”; “Is it wrong to educate a customer about my Side-Hustle (Pops Treasure) while they are still on the trip ticker?” Please send me your thoughts
  2. Camp Bowie W. Blvd. in Aledo (Temptations) to S.W. ARLINGTON
  3. Pleasant Ridge rd, in Arlington at 6:00 to S. Arlington. Before I got him unhooked,
    he said I was an ”Ass-Hole”.
    He wanted to stop at the McDonalds (which wasn’t a problem), but I made him add a stop to the trip, which he reluctantly did. When I pulled up to the side door and stoped, he didn’t have to ask, so he got out, only to find out that the doors were locked, and the drive through wasn’t working.
  4. I caught this one at W. West Chester PKWY in Grand Prairie, and even though I had to drive 10 miles to get to them, but they did take me 20 miles before we got to DFW Airport.
  5. I sat at the airport for a bit, catching up on some ”Bookkeeping”, but finally drove to the QT at Luna and 635 and after 2-3 minutes got a bite at the Apartments just S. Of there on Luna that took me to a ”Care Now” ER off 161, S. Of 635 (LBJ).
  6. I unhooked her and sat in the parking lot for a couple minutes before my next bite was at some apartments less than a mile away that was a trip back to the same “Care Now”.
  7. I had planed to take a break for a bit looking for a new sourcing place for Pops Treasure , and had driven to Carrollton just off Belt-line, East of Josey’s Lane, but needless to say, I hooked one at some apartments 2 miles away, headed to the ”Home Depot” off the West end of Forest Lane.
  8. This one hit before I got #7 un-hooked from Josey & 635 Enterprise car rental, returning her car and headed to ”DFW Airport”, going back to North Carolina from Terminal “C”.
  9. I must have got into a ”school of fish” there, because I didn’t get to the next gate before getting a hit at Terminal “B” headed to some apartments off 360 & Green oaks Blvd., which had me at the $99.16 mark for the day (in the 10:00’ish am hour), almost into the “Tripple-Digits”. You can do the math on the average ”pay-per-ride”.
  10. BINGO!!! From some apartments at the next exit South, the one that did put me into the “Tripple-Digits” for the day, took me back to “DFW Airport” Terminal “C”.
  11. I decided not to sit at the Airport after this one, and headed towards Forth Worth, but did get a bite off of White Dove in Arlington that took me to the “Ninja Kitchen” off E. Broad St. in Mansfield.

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