1/2 Hour of COMBAT Uber Coaching with Dan

$100.00 $25.00

1/2 hour Uber Coaching via Zoom/Skype with Dan. You can ask Ride-share questions during this session :
1) First Things First
2) Where are You Starting You Car
3) Studying Your Market
4) Finding Your Passion
5) Learning How To Supersize Your Fries
6) Working Where, When, & With Who You Want

Learn how to go from a


to a true


Learn the “Tips and Tricks” of how Dan consistently makes from $800-$1200 a week with Ride-Share

This is not a “Meet-AND-Greet” conversation.

If you are ready to take your Ride-Share business to the next level;  LETS TALK!

SAFETY COMES FIRST! I’ll give you the secrets of how to analyze your market

Soft Skills – I’ll give you my tips on how to increase your tips!

From UN-expected starts to consistent income!


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