I am a Cajun Cook


Let me begin by saying I do not presume to be a professional chef. I am a Cagun, and over the years I have been exposed to some of South Louisiana’s classic culinary delights and Master Cooks. My culinary expertise, such as it is, was born in mothers kitchen, and nurtured in cookouts from the banks of Bayou Teche to the shores of Pierre Part Bay.

I’m proud of my efforts as a Cajun Cook, just as I am proud of my ability to speak the language and play the music.

As the music and French language, Cajun cooking is a force that helps bind our wonderful culture together.

Although I have been exposed to Cajun food all my life, I never dreamed of authoring a cook book. Recent events at WAFB-TV precipitated my hosting a weekly cooking segment, and viewer requests for a cookbook followed. We at Channel Nine were more than happy to oblige.

Cajun food is simple fare. All that’s required are fresh ingredients, lots of seasoning, spices, and an abundance of patience. It’s heartiest practitioners are the hard working, fun loving people of South Louisiana known as “Cajuns”. And what is a Cajun? I could never match the eloquent observation of my first T.V. News Director and good friend, Bob Hamm, so I will defer to Bob now and leave you with this poem which I consider the definitive statement on the true meaning of being a Cajun.

What is a Cajun

by Bob Hamm

to be continued

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